Art&Illustration&Internet&Mobile&Projects06 May 2012 06:39 pm

Nice Tweeting You

Due to the positive response and the editorial buzz around social networking themes, I’ve been motivated to design additional illustrations along these lines for my stock image agency, Superstock. Here are a few of my favorites. I’ve also continued making medical illustrations as well, the most recent series involve new treatments of brain and heart images.

Humor&Media&Mobile31 Mar 2011 08:18 pm

I was doing a little research about online books, and found this ironic title, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom.  I suppose the publisher assumes there are far more complete idiots buying books than Toltec wise people.  Makes sense, although it seems kind of sad and pedestrian.  Simple no frills wisdom imparted without sacred ceremony or four day vision quest in the desert.


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Mobile&Projects&Technology&User Interface23 Jan 2011 08:23 pm

Sony releases Reader app for Android 2.2.  There appears to be a demand for other versions, as in this blog post from the Sony eReader Journal.  I’m working on a similar app for other platforms.