January 2005

Media&Money27 Jan 2005 10:12 am

Hear ye! Seller’s Voice is an powerful way to distinguish yourself on eBay.

Another related site of interest, the wave of the future: SimpleMoneyMachines

General&Media27 Jan 2005 09:41 am

What’s an animator to do? Jib Jab vs. Spiderman 2. South Park vs. Shrek. Flash vs. RenderMan. If you get the picture, then maybe you’ve made your choice which picture pleases your eye best. Let’s face it, in the disposable Flash world, it’s the soundtrack that matters, not the high end visuals. I confess I’m conflicted. Back in the days when Terry Gilliam animated the Monty Python TV shows and movies, I took delight in his rule breaking collage animations. Terry now is disgusted by animation, and I sorta know what he means. – HG

General25 Jan 2005 01:19 am

Wouldn’t you know it, the spam bots look for new blogs to post their helpful “comments” on. Let’s add blog comments to the list of e-mail, and pop-ups that have become stained by the commercialization of the Internet. The spam was an invitation to play poker, just in case you have the urge. – HG