February 2005

Media&Politics28 Feb 2005 09:42 pm

Jeff Gannon: Tool
Here’s his side of fronting as an upstanding White House journalist, but a few other meanies pick on a naked guy, a poor crappy, fake-named press conference stooge. Work that Bush smirk and let it slide. That’s the Texas-American version of reality today. Or maybe part of the whole American Idol fascination with bad performances.

General&Media28 Feb 2005 08:39 pm

Detailed reconstructions of a number of visual effects shots from The Aviator.

Media&Movie TV DVD Review27 Feb 2005 09:34 pm

Drunken Angel Stills

It was the 77th Annual Kentucky Fried Oscars, as Chris Rock acknowledged in a bewildered moment of real clarity, the Oscar ceremonies were being processed for television so heartlessly, they may as well hand them out in the parking lot or through a drive up window.

Fortunately here were classier moments, Kurosawa was mentioned by Sidney Lumet and the great theme by Elmer Bernstein from The Magnificent Seven based on Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai was encored by the orchestra. Million Dollar Baby winner Clint Eastwood owes his early Fistfull of Dollars to Kurosawa’s Yojimbo.

As an English speaker, if you’d like to experience numerous Lost In Translation laughs, check out the DVD of Kurosawa’s 1948 Drunken Angel. The ailing derelict gangster, played by K’s fave Tishiro Mifune, ends up in a delirious knife fight while falling and flailing around in spilled paint. There is an overall impression of polluted souls, and the outstandingly bad English translations makes the corrupted effect even better.

General&Media&Money25 Feb 2005 07:21 am

Apple iPod models
On Feb. 10 Synaptics stock shares tumbled because a few Wall Street analysts rumored that Apple’s future iPods would no longer use their wheel interface. Their opinions caused a panic that brought Synaptics stock down 50% in price, from the mid $30 range to below $21. (I had to buy some at those prices!)
“Bear Stearns analyst Andrew J. Neff said Apple last week unveiled its latest PowerBook laptop computer outfitted with a TrackPad, its own touch-sensitive interface developed using chips made by Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Further indications suggest that Apple will use its internally developed technology on the next generation of its wildly popular iPod media player, Neff said. He added that Synaptics, whose most popular design is the iPod’s scroll wheel, historically has been Apple’s sole supplier of touchpad components.”

Today Synaptics provided the much needed facts, sweet official words, dispelling the rumors.
“We have received numerous inquiries from investors and analysts regarding the use of our products in the Apple iPod. In the absence of definitive communications from Apple regarding these matters, we have not believed it appropriate to comment on unconfirmed rumors and speculation. In addition, our policy generally is not to comment on market rumors, speculation, and changes in our stock price.

We are filing this Form 8-K in order to respond to inquiries regarding recent announcements of new product introductions.

Yesterday Apple announced several new iPods and we are confirming that our interface solutions are being used in those products. As has been the case since our initial product introductions in fiscal 1996, we compete for designs on a product by product basis and have no assurances from any of our OEM customers that they will utilize our interface solutions in any of their future products.”

Apple’s iPod is so successful, Apple’s stock has doubled and is set to split, so why would they change their design? Think about it.

General&Media24 Feb 2005 12:02 pm

Original Boston Album Cover, Hank's 3D Version
’cause I’m hung up on dreams I’ll never see – Allman Brothers, Dreams.

There are great rock songs from the late 60’s and 70’s that still endure today, many as backup fuel for TV car ads. A month ago, in January, I was contacted by an individual who planned to develop a theatrical rock show, featuring a live cover band playing great rock anthems of 1976. His focus was on Boston, Kansas, Aerosmith, and Bad Company. Although I am familiar with these groups and some of their songs, they were never my big favorites, so I was doubtful of the success of this venture. The rock entrepreneur, had a long time vision of this grand show with montages of news and movie footage from 1976, 3D animation and sophisticated video projection as a big drawing multimedia extravaganza. Still, I was a bit skeptical when I saw very slim writing and storyboards defining specific content. The rock impresario could not be daunted, and he sent me a check telling me to go ahead, we’ll make a great 5 minute demo tape and sell this idea to his very big people. “Golly,” I thought, “how often do I have the chance for this kind of creative freedom, even if the music is Wayne and Garth goofy?” Carry on my wayward son! So, I’m wrestling with Maya particles for a week, animating the first Boston cover, when Mr. Retro Rock realizes the rights are going to be too expensive to acquire for this project. Poof! Done. Over. Kaput.

You know, I’ve learned the hard way, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t,” and this is one big classic rock reaffirmation.

Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel, like I’ve been tied to the whippin’ post. – Allman Brothers, Whipping Post.

General&Politics16 Feb 2005 08:59 pm

Homeland Security AdI got this lousy spam display ad today, and I’m thinking about signing up. You see, I’d like to be the first one on my block to become the expert in VICTIMOLOGY. You don’t want to get beat out on that one, do you? Next thing, you could be scrutinized by a licensed VICTIMOLOGIST. What’s a matter you, not a patriot? I want to be the Master of Victimology, and everyone else is the culprit, but not me. For the more ambitious, higher learning souls, you can study law and become a member of the Federalist Society. So, help protect your country, be a victimologist. Do it today, or be a potential predator terrorist. I’m gonna get you, sucka!

General12 Feb 2005 09:02 pm

Cherry BlossomsSomehow the plants and animals know what to do, and they are doing it. I’ve been noticing these pretty blossoms appearing this past week on trees around my neighborhood. My eyes, nose and sinuses also are noticing, itchy and scratchy.

General&Politics11 Feb 2005 09:56 pm

Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller taught me dancing, oh wait a minute… that’s Murray, Miller taught me the human social drama. This is serious, since the great writer died today, but he lived well and loved well, Marilyn Monroe. Worth a heartbreak.

My thought for the day in conjunction with Miller’s Crossing, comes from a venomous e-mail that was forwarded to me via a right leaning relative, spewing the same old rubbish about elites and liberal media. Let’s face it, we can’t argue with them nucular folk. The thought is, do these hateful right wingers look upon an American creative treasure such as Arthur Miller as an elitist? As a liberal mediatician? As a Commie? If so, we really are regressing, and so sorry Artie, you wasted your efforts on them. R.I.P. It has not been the first time.


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