April 2005

Money28 Apr 2005 09:29 pm

Polaroids of The Who

Remember that Memento guy who couldn’t remember anything, so he took Polaroids of himself? Polaroid was once on the cutting edge, but instant digital photography antiqued the photo-chemical process into an Industrial Era memento.

Meet the new boss. In March 2003, Polariod appointed Michael Pocock as president and CEO. In August 2003, Polaroid declared bankruptcy.

Same as the old boss. Two years later, Polaroid’s remnants are being sold off, and Pocock gets $8.5 million!

More than 4,000 Polaroid retirees last month received a check for $47 – a one-time payment from a trust fund to compensate retirees for legal expenses.

“It’s such a shame, because we got killed,” said Peter Bass, a 72-year-old Lexington resident who retired 13 years ago after 35 years at Polaroid. Bass used his $47 to take his wife out for pizza and will very likely need to come out of retirement to make ends meet.

For more details, listen to the Marketplace radio story.

So, don’t get fooled again. We hear lofty speeches from Presidents and CEOs about values and ethics, and those are mighty fine words. Show me the secret CEO handshake! Unless you can be the boss, the president, the CEO, or a guy who gets a lot of money and stock, why bother taking the chance of being fooled again?

P.S. Comic relief Social Security toon.

Politics&Spiritual26 Apr 2005 08:16 am

The Rapture Rap

Is practicing Christian Reconstructionism, Fundamentalism and Dominionism life’s E-Z Pass to heaven? Let’s say you know you’re going to heaven, but you’re worried your golfing buddies may not qualify. Thanks to RaptureLetters.com you can send your sinner sidekicks e-mail messages after you’ve ascended. That’s assuming their computers, system administrators and power company are all hell bound unbelievers. Hallmark Cards should really look into this market.

TheocracyWatch.com can help you keep track of the movement to run the U.S. government by divine guidance. A conference at New York’s CUNY Graduate Center, “Examining the Real Agenda of the Religious Right,” April 29th and 30th, 2005 addresses these issues.

More on the Religious Right.

Media&Politics25 Apr 2005 12:07 pm

Rush Limbaugh Tattooed Collage
Rush Limbaugh’s up periscope must be checking out the Suicide Girls website for his meter on modern youth sexual morality. Finding no space at MySpace: a place for friends or having no Nerve.com or no invites to Friendster must pain the portly pompous pundit.

See a list of 35 of Rush’s Kinky Truths here.

Media&Technology24 Apr 2005 08:02 pm

Following up on the Adobe-Macromedia story, today’s San Francisco Chronicle Business section On The Record: Bruce Chizen.

This is a lengthy interview, and Mr. Chizen lays many cards on out on the table, open and personable, while remaining firmly and discretely professional. Regarding any threat from Microsoft, Bruce describes a scheme in which mighty MS attempts to gain partnership with the IRS telling us to fill out tax forms with MS Office Professional. Chizen states, “the fact that PDF is embedded in society, we believe it’s really going to be hard for them to displace us.”

The interview turns kinky approaching the relationship with Apple…

Q: Being in a marriage with Apple means being in a marriage with Steve Jobs. What’s your relationship with him like?

A: I have a very good relationship with Steve. It’s very open and very direct. There have been Saturdays and Sundays where we’ve had very active conversations about a variety of topics.

Q: Physically active?

A: No, no, no — verbally active. He’s brilliant.

Media&Politics&Spiritual24 Apr 2005 11:00 am

The Cultural Transmission of Gary Coleman
There are serious topics I am contemplating, such as Nationalism, Militarism and Christian Fundamentalism and why so many Americans blindly follow. Others march to Diff’rent Strokes, such as free thinking, independent and good natured Gary Coleman. He’s a tough little guy, challenging Arnold Schwarzenegger by campaigning in the 2003 California race for governor.

I checked Celebrity Blogwatch and was disappointed that Gray has not gotten into blogging the way David Duchovny has. A poll of the web tells me poor Gary suffers from public whipping boy status: celebrities who are fair game in the press, who some folks just love to hate, such as Jane Fonda. Still, it would be interesting to read what is stroking in his different mind.

General&Media22 Apr 2005 03:12 pm
Prototype JELL-O Sculpture

The JELL-O brand history goes back almost 100 years, and there is even a JELL-O Museum Gallery in LeRoy, NY.

JELL-O (hyphenated, not jello moron!) first entered computer graphics in 1987 when Paul Heckbert was looking to stretch the rendering R & D being done on ray tracing. Ten years later Paul put me in touch with an ambitious sculptor, Daniel Wurtzel, who was designing large scale gelatin objects. Daniel had me try 3D renderings of his JELL-O mold ideas, but 2D Photoshop sketches turned out to be better concept renderings. His entire Gelatin Sculpture Proposal is online here at Media Spin.

Daniel tried fabricating the gelatin objects and was confronted with many physical challenges such as temperature, dust, mass versus surface tension. Having outgrown JELL-O kid’s stuff, Daniel has moved on to the phallic and militaristic symbolism with Rubber Bullets. This QuickTime movie shows a young lady in the gallery playfully interacting with the tall, glowing dildo totems. The Sharper Image had better stock up on these babies!

But hold on… JELL-O is no longer kids stuff! Adults once again have perverted a nice innocent dessert, with JELL-O WRESTLING! Sweet green slime! Gory red goop! The new dessert treat is a singles dating ritual in which partiers return to the primordial gelatinous ooze. I guess it’s a fun way to lick your opponent. Make JELL-O, not war.

Media21 Apr 2005 07:31 pm

Brian Loube Lenticular Photograph thumbnail

Remember those little blinking eye Crackerjack prizes? Lenticular displays have grown up into a medium worthy of Pixar 3D animators and fine art photographers, such as Brian Loube’s photo above.

“I’m thinking how cool it would be to have an animated business card“, the geek entrepreneur ponders. What exactly is a lenticular? Find plenty of descriptive information at WiseGeek. There are also Photoshop plugins and actions floating around for you do it yourselfers, but you’ll still need to buy the plastic lenses. I attended a SIGGRAPH Studio that provided the tools and materials to create lenticulars from your images on site at the conference.

Media&Spiritual20 Apr 2005 09:53 am

Stained Cement Virgin Mary

In these recent days of Pope John Paul II‘s passing, there has been great attention to religion and God’s earthly presence. Some even see the Virgin Mary on a concrete wall stained by salt water. I think it looks like something less sanctified, but to each their own.

The Catholic Church‘s conclave and selection of the new Pope reminds me a bit of the U. S. government and Supreme Court. In the real world of business it is very rare to see a 78 year old man chosen for a top position. Religions and governments, being very good at soaking the masses for their funding, appear to be great retirement homes for the good old boys.

Johnny The Baptist is a good old boy who was not eligible for the papacy, and found his pathway to Salvation through the School of Hard Knocks. If you are looking for some kind of honest redneck inspiration, his rugged life story is worth a look.


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