October 2005

Media&Politics31 Oct 2005 06:40 pm

Tom Delay Zombie Nightmare

Happy Halloween! This Tom Delay guy really is scary! Hot Tub Tom!

Politics30 Oct 2005 01:53 pm

Loose Lips Libby

With the indictment of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the unraveling of the tangled web is happening fast. Those of us who smelled a rat a long time ago are having fun with the inevitable implosion of the Right Wing Nuthouse, so I thought I’d join in.

If you are catching up on how we got into this war in Iraq, expect to see a lot more attention on it.

Media26 Oct 2005 08:46 pm

George and Barbara Bush at Astros Game

I’m glad it’s over! Especially the Houston games. The post-season baseball games TV broadcast from Houston were oddly distracting with the ever present snowball white hair of Bulldog Barbara Bush constantly behind home plate. I have to give her credit for sitting through game 3 like a vigilant animated George Washington painting for 11 or 12 innings, the longest world series game in history, 5 hours and 41 minutes. Now I know where her son W gets his stubborn tenacity.

I know that I am not alone in this obvious observation because other bloggers are venting also:

Barbara Bush’s shining white mane continues to infiltrate my HIGH-DEF

I am pulling for them not only because half my family is from Chicago, but because George H.W. and Barbara “Let Them Eat Cake” Bush are seated behind home plate at the former Enron Park (now Minute Maid Park, because who doesn’t like orange juice?), both clad in Astros jackets. Last night (game 3) Babs was accompanied by Neil Bush of Silverado S&L scandal fame.

As the Chicago Sun-Times Mark Brown noted, Mrs. Bush’s seat was so close to home plate “you can see her head during every pitch of every at-bat.”


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Media&Technology26 Oct 2005 08:44 am

Google Base prototype screen

Some interesting buzz in the news today about Google reaching into eBay, craigslist and classified advertising territory with their search technology. Here is the screenshot of Google Base.

That’s the hazy future, but for now I’m bummed that I was not invited to Google’s Zeitgeist forum. This is the kind of smart brainstorming contact high cluster f*ck that temporarily raises my IQ to rare sub-genius levels. Dear Google, please invite me next time. I promise I will not blog about it. Thank you.

Media&Politics22 Oct 2005 09:39 pm

PLAYGUY: The Lost Years

Here at Media Spin we are compulsive collectors of media. Digital archiving started over 20 years ago, and recently we uncovered a huge stash of rare old gems. There are many unusual finds, such as the above cover of an early girly mag test run by a struggling Hugh Hefner.

The Propagandist

Here’s a good one. How cool would it be to have a job making up good intelligence, news stories and “strategic communications” for the U.S. Government to feed the unwary public? That’s what The Rendon Group does, and you can too! They’ve helped sell us rubes on the last couple of Gulf Wars and that’s only the beginning.

Martha Stewart's Sister Celeste

Hers’ a stunning find… Martha Stewart’s lesser known sister, Celeste. Her dedication to office work kept her out of the kitchen and out of Martha’s way. There are many more of these that still are being sorted out. Sorry, still no early Oprah photos.

Spiritual22 Oct 2005 04:25 pm

The Reluctant Shaman Sacred Link

It is with great anticipation and delight that I look forward to meeting the author of a book I am reading, The Reluctant Shaman by Kay Cordell Whitaker. She is currently on a tour, promoting her new book Sacred Link, and is scheduled to be at East West Bookstore in Mountain View on October 28th and Black Oak Books in Berkeley on Sunday, October 30. Kay’s full schedule is at her web site, A World In Balance.

My first introduction to writings on shamanism were the Carlos Castaneda booksdescibing his travels into the Mexican desert and apprenticeship under the mysterious Yaqui Indian teacher, don Juan Mateus. Unlike Castaneda’s experience, Whitaker’s Peruvian teachers, Chea and Domano Hetaka, introduced themselves and taught her on her home turf in Santa Cruz, California. Whitaker’s writing is far more accessible than Castaneda’s including practical homework lessons given to her in logical steps by her teachers. Castaneda gave much attention to building personal power in order to escape the bounds of the ordinary world of reality. The Hetekas express a greater mission through their teachings: by finding your own song, you contribute to awakening society in order to bring about global healing. Spiritual joys experienced along the way just happen to be a plus.

From Kay’s web site, A World In Balance…

This work is my Path. This is what
I came here to do, to participate in helping
the world, my community, my people. To do that,
I had to first find out about me, help me, heal me,
learn who and what I am, and how I connect
to the whole world. Once I was able to do that,
I had the tools to help someone else.

As the Hetakas have often said to me, it is for each person to objectively reexamine deep inside themselves, their beliefs, their values, and their world, to find THEIR OWN TRUTH – whatever that may be.

Media&Spiritual17 Oct 2005 08:31 pm

Jimi Hendrix by Mati Klarwein
Hands down Mati Klarwein pushed my early painting efforts furthest. Take Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, James Rosenquist, throw them in a vat of peyote buttons and psilocybin, and you get Abdul Mati.

As a painter, looking at Klarwein’s work is intimidating, and I was never able to match the intense religious attention and power he devoted to his compositions. These are epic mindscapes that one must live with and merge into.

His incredible photo-realistic detail presaged the ease of use Photoshopping of collage imagery and computer graphic imagery. Klarwein is probably best known for the publishing of his paintings on album covers by Miles Davis, Santana and Jerry Garcia… but there is so much more than that!

General15 Oct 2005 07:40 pm

Google search for animated smelly bums

One of my idle forms of amusement is to check the stats on my web server, hosted by the excellent people at bluehost, to learn who is visiting the website, and then look at the referer: the incoming source. Someone from Australia visited this blog, specifically the Madagascar story, because they Googled the phrase “animated smelly bums.” LOL!

Media Spin’s Blog has the honor of Googling #1 on this topic! Sorry, butt my smelly bum animation is still on the back burner.

The Australians and New Zealanders I met while working at PDI/DreamWorks were some of my most favourite people, possessing outstanding wit, humor and well balanced life attitudes. One bloke regularly visited funny web sites such as The Daily Rotten. Perhaps this is a trend that competing 3D feature animation studios need take heed of… people are searching for animated smelly bums.


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