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Media&Movie TV DVD Review29 May 2006 08:01 pm

X-Men 3 Mutant

OK, I accept that for awhile now the USA has been a country on steroids, no matter how much in denial we might be about it. Look no further than the rise of Rockstar, Red Bull and Monster energy drinks. A nation of pumped up mutants worshiping bigger pumped up mutants.

So, it is no surprise that the mini-mutants must check out the top professional mutants in X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Setting a Memorial Day Weekend record of $120 Million X-Men 3 has some mutant legs. Here’s what our mutant reviewers have to say:


*falls over, dies of the absolute awesomeness of the movie and the anticipation for the next one*” – gooshgoo


And Angel. Oh Angel – he who only had 5 lines. I was expecting much, much more from this movie. I was expecting a love triangle damnit! Between Iceman/Kitty/Angel. And what did we get? Angel…just there, almost useless. An even softer Iceman. Kitty was fine, I did like her. Especially her scene with Juggernaut.

And the ending! This really can’t be the last in the trilogy. Damnit, I hate open endings.

Hate to compare but MI:3 was so much better than X-Men: The Last Stand. And I don’t *even* like Tom “Cuckoo” Cruise.” – _generik

in other news.. I have seen the greatest. fucking. movie. ever.

And that is X-Men 3. I KID YOU NOT. This movie will change your life. Or at least, it did mine. It was so much different than the first two. If anyone of you other nerds out there have read the comic books, it’s more like them. It was dark, and a shit load of people died. Yeah, I mean died. As in, not in the soap-opera way in which they magically come back to life. I mean, they’re dead as a damn door nail. You’ll see.

YOU’LL ALL SEE.” – Cogitation

To rant a tiny bit more… what was up with the love triangle sub-plot and the lesson it teaches? If your boyfriend is attracted to someone who posesses an attribute you don’t… get it fixed and he’ll love you again! I know there was some attempt to say that she did it for herself, but that’s not at all how it appeared when all was said and done.” – daemonwolf

Just about every acting job by the mutant bad guys sucked. The throw away mutant characters were lame and felt just like “filler”.

But I was surprised at the language in the movie. There were a few “shits” at least one “bullshit” a couple “bitches” and one “Dickhead” — and THAT is where I sort of have a problem with the movie.” – Yirmumah

You see? People do have minds of their own!

Humor26 May 2006 09:10 am

Bus Uncle If you are a commuter by car, rail or any other means, there are many chance moments after leaving your home and entering the myriad world of random people. You enter a mixture of their goals, concerns and pressures, and you hope their problems will not spill over onto yours. Such as when driving to the train station this morning and a lady passed me in a sleek black car steering while balancing a bowl of cereal in her free hand. Here’s an answer for a question I frequently ask myself, “Why do so many drivers not make turn signals?”

Riding the BART, when I hear a cell phoner bitching loudly about her problems, as if the entire car needs to know, I move to another seat out of ear shot. Ear plugs or iPods just don’t solve the problem entirely. Attempts to remain aloof and nonjudgemental are a great mental exercise, but ultimately you’re enduring a funky cell mate for the ride.

So, it is no shock that a video on “Bus Uncle” has grown very popular, since it captures this kind of commuter interaction and confrontation Hong Kong style. The angry uncle yells, “I face pressure! You face pressure!” and rap versions have sprouted forth. And for an encore here’s Billy Joel’s music video, “Pressure.” Happy travels and get home safely.

Humor&Internet&Movie TV DVD Review21 May 2006 05:22 pm

Da Simpsons CodeOne of the best things about The Da Vinci Code book and now movie, is that it stirs up a lot of thought and talk, and not necessarily both.

Here are my favorite weekend reviews from the blogosphere:

“Not the worst movie that I have ever seen, but it’s no Deuce Bigalo either! I would give it amybe a 4 or 5out of 10 rating.” – blog of kenny on

“The movie’s going too fast….Teabing skipped the part about the knife and that extra hand.”blog of Liyana at

“Was doing fine with it ’til i showed up at church today and guess what the sermon was over???? i almost walked out.. that’s my rant for now.” – Myspace blog of Steven

“The Da Vinci Code (subtitled “A Carpenter Humped a Prostitute)…seriously, is everyone stuck on this crap or what? This movie is gonna become the Napoleon Dynamite of paranoid God fearing types…”MySpace blog of Jason

“Went to see the Da Vinci code with amy and had breakfast at ihop. Breakfast was awesome, the movie, not so much.”MySpace blog of Clyde,

These entries were all found by running a tag search on Technorati, so it is really a surprise to see the heavy rankings of so many blogs. This is a new disruption within the blogosphere!

Humor19 May 2006 09:05 pm

Greetings From Shelter Island

As a kid my family had a big old house out on Shelter Island where we would spend a few weeks in the summertime. These were barefoot and sandy days. There were fantastic memories left there, riding the ferry to Greenport, fishing for flounder and blowfish, the old soda fountain up at Shelter Island Heights, Dering Harbor, Louie’s Beach, and the slow pace of it all.

Times have changed, and people want to get out to Shelter Island faster, thus the birth of SIBTA: Shelter Island Bridge & Tunnel Authority. This is a bold EZ Path to the future. I hope it does not ruin the old charm of the Shelter Island I once knew.

SIBTA Emblem

See The New Yorker article about SIBTA for more detailed authoritative information.

Animation&Media&Movie TV DVD Review19 May 2006 07:57 pm

Over The HedgeRJ Over The Hedge

Looks like something different from DreamWorks. Shrek was born from a strong counter-culture bent, and Over The Hedge appears to follow this spirit too.

RJ Over The Hedge

Internet&Music18 May 2006 08:23 pm

Beefheart Fire Party Badge

Beware of Captain Spamheart’s jabbering beefcakes, the shiny beasts of thought! They’re out there. Little Captain Beefheart Trekkie types who discuss WWBD… What Would Beefheart Do?

It’s all at Fireparty, the next best thing to spam, a Beefheart e-mail list server.

Important topics such as whether or not The Beatles and Rolling Stones are up to Beefheartian snuff, music that Beefheart fans like, and does Beefheart give a shit? are all discussed. As Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) said, “Someone’s had too much to think!”

Some interesting news does get disseminated, such as bootlegs and a recent Swedish TV interview and performances by Frank Zappa band member Denny Walley and Magic Band members Drumbo, Rockette Morton and Gary Lucas.

Beefheart Painting


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Animation&Media&Personal15 May 2006 01:03 pm

Medical Illustrations

The Medical Illustrations CD-ROM which I had worked on for 6 months last year has recently been published by Purestock, a division of SuperStock. The CD-ROM contains 200 images that were rendered in 3-D using Maya software. The high resolution still images are based in part on previous 3-D bio-medical animation.

Four Systems of the Body

Music13 May 2006 08:07 pm

Joe Cocker

Perhaps long ago adoring fans of great violin or piano players performed mimicries of their heroes, but today we have The US Air Guitar Championships. In my recollection, this rock peculiarity was popularized by Joe Cocker seen above in the first of many of my rock concert photographs. Fortunately Cocker’s primary talent is singing, but in his early days his convulsive spasmodic reactions to his band’s music (Leon Russell on real guitar and piano) added to the entertainment. To be just an air guitarist is to build a profession out of pretending, kind of like some folks we all know in Washington DC who professed they knew about fatally dangerous WMDs in Iraq.

Joe Cocker


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