December 2006

Humor&Internet27 Dec 2006 09:38 pm

Horny Manatee image with O.J. Simpson

As a loyal Conan O’Brien fan who has even dragged his three younger brothers to a live Christmas holiday taping, I enjoy how far Conan can go out on a limb. Previously it was a look alike Finnish stateswoman, and now an accidental dot com,

Paris and Britney in Manatee fashions

I will not go into how this came about. The results are an outpoouring of repressed manatee love and expression that perhaps only a manatee and the humanity of the Internet can provide.

Horny Manatee

If you feel hurt and wronged by this, then go to the alternative manatee web site, and you will surely be soothed.


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Music&Personal25 Dec 2006 03:25 pm

James Brown memorial

The sudden passing of James Brown reminded me that I have an number of photographs I shot of him in a concert performance at the Madison (WI) Civic Center in April of 1981. So here are a few of the photos displayed in fond memory of a dynamic, energetic character.

James Brown - Hot Pants

His singing style was one that I could vocally imitate, and get friends laughing at my explosive delivery of the James Brown catch phrases, “Hot Pants!” “Popcorn” and of course a big “Huh!” from the diaphragm… or the gut for you rednecks.

James Brown - God Bless

James Brown in concert

Media22 Dec 2006 07:01 pm

Metinides photo

The photographs of Enrique Metinides are very serious business. Reminders of how sweet life is and to be careful with self important rushing around in your cars during the busy holiday season. Pause and take care!

Metinides car crash photo

As a photographer of accidents, disasters and tragedies, 70 year old Enrique Metinides has spent more than fifty years taking pictures of every tragedy imaginable in Mexico City.

His work documents a macabre history of the city and its deterioration from the relatively peaceful and naive capital of the fifties to the schizophrenic megalopolis of the 21st century.

Metinides Photography Book

Humor&Music18 Dec 2006 08:47 pm

Stoned SantaI love Christmas music, don’t you? God’s rested gentlemen, Comfort, Joy, JosieAnna in the highest, Chest hairs roasting on open fires and all that joyous stuff. Coping through Christmas. Right, gotcha. Click the stoned Santa to celebrate, but be forewarned, it’s not exactly Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. I highly recommend the Bah Humbug mix which includes Tiny Tim’s strange warning of Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year.

Internet&Media09 Dec 2006 04:05 pm

If you have a great music video or animation demo reel, then you want it to look great when you upload it online for the world to see. DVD quality. Now you can do just that at the High Definition Movie and Video community web site. Powered by the Azureus peer to peer platform the client app implements the BitTorrent protocol using Java language.

Video clips and animation that get compressed into oblivion by YouTube, appear clean as the original artists and producers intended them to be. The Zudeo system is set up to accomodate large files. You can upload a full length DVD quality movie if you like.

Azureus and Zudeo will be names to watch in the near term future as the excitement over online video, high quality downloadable content, and new player devices heats up.

Recent press release and Wired article about Azureus, HD Vids Trump YouTube.

If you are interested in submitting content to Zudeo’s web site, click here.