August 2007

Media&Personal30 Aug 2007 09:18 pm

Owen Wilson Positive NegativeReports of a suicide attempt by Owen Wilson are all over the news. Poor guy, maybe sometimes he felt like he was tied to the whippin’ post. The pain was great, he felt the urge, but only went part of the way… a suicide chump.

Let’s face it, we’ve all contemplated Death. Do we wait it out, it may surprise us too early, or do we take life into our own hands?

To take your own life, I can only imagine, would require the ultimate careful planning and discipline of execution. If your intent is half-hearted or sloppy, you will certainly botch it. You could enlist the help of others: park on a railroad track, drive into on-coming traffic, thus taking the innocent others with you on your sad trip.

There was the recent hip double suicide of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, writer and artist. Frank Zappa did not choose to die, cancer got him.

My guidelines for suicide prevention are as follows (listen up Owen):

1. If it gets really bad, travel someplace far, far away and see if a new perspective helps.  Consult your travel agent for places that are still fun: Norway? Thailand? Hawaii?

2. Get outside yourself. Get a pet. Make new friends. Do charity work like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Owen, come hang out with me a few days. Let’s party. Then kill yourself.

Seriously Owen, since Bottle Rocket, I like you, so before checking out, give me a call and let’s get things right.

Internet&User Interface28 Aug 2007 08:15 pm

Slide logoVentureBeat‘s article points out that Slide is contributing to the addition of one million new Flash widgets daily across all non-Facebook social networks, such as Myspace. Facebook is listed on the Slide web site, so I’m not sure what the distinction is that VentureBeat is making.

So what’s the big deal? Slide has created templates of clever skins and image processing tricks to enable non-Flash programmers to build slide shows and customized animations using their own digital images. You can take a Flickr photo or a YouTube video and jazz it up your way. Personalization is a big deal in the world of social hobnobbery.


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Animation27 Aug 2007 08:33 pm

The Image Depot

Recently at lunch with friends at PDI/DreamWorks, and the conversation included some of the usual rumors within the feature animation business.  There was the worry that perhaps Sony was shutting their animation studio in L.A. (again?), and there was buzz about “the Mecca Studio.”

“What’s the Mecca Studio?” I asked.

The Zemeckis Studio, they corrected me, which is actually going by the name ImageMoversDigital. The studio is putting down their roots in San Rafael, so it should be interesting to see how this plays out, and what the studio produces.

A few of their artists put up a really cool blog of their ideas and sketches, The Image Depot.

For Bill


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Humor&Politics27 Aug 2007 07:53 pm

Alberto Gonzales The Weasel

The blogosphere apparently enjoyed the Karl Rove piglet caricature, so here is Alberto Gonzales The Weasel.

Like Gonzales, I cannot exactly recall where this idea came from.

Internet&Music25 Aug 2007 09:55 am

Google search for grateful dead concert

When I first asked Joel Eisenberg about posting a few of his Grateful Dead concert photos on a few back pages, Rockpix, at this here Media Spin web site, I added that it might take awhile for folks to find us. Well, in less than two years, two of his images have risen to positions #1 and #2 on the Google image search engine when entering “Grateful Dead Concert“. Of course this is an ever-changing statistic, but for now, as Walter Cronkite would say, that’s the way it is.

A Google search for simply “Grateful Dead” yields us the #8 and #9 spots. The image appearing in both searches has ghostly lettering “Grateful Dead” which I added using Photoshop techniques.

Grateful Dead on Google

I’ve seen a number of these images linked at large sites such as Myspace, and music forums all over the world, so I suppose that is how these receive such high rankings. Other than running Google ads, Joel and I are curious about how to monetize the images. We’ve taken a few requests for photo prints on an individual basis, but merchant sites such as do not allow the marketing of celebrity images.

Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, May 1982, Berkeley, CA

As exciting as this is, it reminds me that I must soon build a new web site for my own professional design work. has organically sprawled into my own little multi-purpose fun site, since Media Spin Interactive, Inc. closed its doors in 2003. I’m planning to use a new domainname for my professional design website, and maintain Media Spin as the random fun web site. That way professional business contacts will not be confused by the diversity and commercial nature of the current Media Spin site. What a long, strange trip it’s been!

See the video! Joel and I do a show and tell on Tubular TV about his concert photos.

Technology24 Aug 2007 04:58 pm

Broken CDI’ve been away for awhile… on vacation, at the beach, golfing, working on a project that is way past due, hovering between boredom and stress, poverty and contentment.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a nice bloggy woggy entry with an old classic Grebe black and white photo of a guy with his shirt off sitting on park bench near the Brooklyn Bridge. So, I get out my old Kodak Photo CD with 100 of my favorite film negatives from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s scanned in the Kodak Photo CD format way back in 1996. Now here is what makes the technology era so frustratingly, rapidly changing: it turns out Photoshop CS3 and CS2 fail to open these files!

When Googling the problem, a link to Adobe came up, but their solution did not work on my Apple Mac G5.

There are lost image pioneers that have gone before me in this search for solutions, such as Ted’s Unofficial Kodak Photo CD Homepage. I guess my previous versions of Photoshop’s PhotoCD plugins were OK, or I would have noticed this gross legacy error sooner. Another entry is from the year 2000, “What ever happened to the Photo CD?”

Kodak, you losers. You deserve to die a slow death in the transition from film to digital.