April 2008

Art&Personal&Spiritual27 Apr 2008 12:19 pm

Praying for lower gas prices

Oil is king, oil is god, and oil must be prayed to be merciful upon us poor miserable auto drivers. We witness a sign of the times in this SF Chronicle photo by Paul Chinn of Kendall Guy, an Oakland pastor (left), and Rocky Twyman praying for lower gas prices after filling Guy’s car.

Praying to higher powers tends to be one alternative employed by humans when dealing with situations beyond their control. Who knows? It may help, although finding inspiration to invent more energy efficient modes of travel may make God and Mother Earth smile upon us.

Recently, I’ve had two graphic design encounters invloving church and religiously influenced themes. The first was an offer through an IT recruiter to work in Flash on a large website. The work was to be performed on location at the production facility, Golden Era Productions, which is the promotional media arm of the Church of Scientology. Plans leading up to the assignment in remote Hemet, CA including paid room and board were nebulous, and after a few days the offer was withdrawn and I was told by the disappointed recruiter “the project had been put on hold.” Perhaps somebody was praying for me, or against me. I’ll never know what unique adventure I may have missed.

The second anecdote is a bit more of a hands on experience. A stock photo agency I often work with requested a 3-D rendering to be used for a breast exam publication. The breast image was to have the nipple removed at the request of the client.

In professional visual design you learn that revisions are a part of the job, so after submitting the first image (below left), I was advised to try and cover over as much of both breasts as possible by crossing one arm over them (below right). The client turned out to be a religious institution, and perhaps too much 3-D simulated, de-nippled breast could be fertile ground for Satan’s tempatation. Approaching breast examinations in the church is a delicate undertaking.

3-D Breast Exam rendering #1, pink x-ray look 3-D Breast Exam rendering #2, pink x-ray look, arm covering breasts

Version 2 and further revisions were still found to be too revealing for the client. (How do you show a breast exam without showing breasts?) So that my efforts were not a total loss, I decided to innovate, and insert a cross to aid in concealing the terrible breasts. In this version (below), I employed the cross style used by the Scientologists, perhaps giving this image some kind of blessed double whammy.

Breast Exam with a Scientology style Cross, version #3


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Animation&Internet&Media26 Apr 2008 10:37 am

Kapow Technologies plash pageRecently worked on a Flash splash page for the Kapow Technologies web site that involved a lot of hand animation that could probably be done in Actionscript2 or 3… if I knew the code! So, working on expanding my Flash horizons and found these cool examples, some with source code. Most of these are in my pursuit to deconstruct the iTunes coverflow image browsing interface, and a few are purely inspirational. Here are the links:

3D Wall by Flashloaded


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Art&Internet&Technology25 Apr 2008 01:15 pm

Close up of Lafayette Crosses Memorial

Heading into SF on BART last Tuesday on business, noticed the growth and development of the Lafayette Crosses memorial. Here are a few photos of how it looked.

My appointment in SF took me near the Moscone Center, where the Web 2.0 Conference was readying for its open on Wednesday. It seemed quiet. Not much to shoot photos of. Looked at the Web 2.0 program and did not see companies listed that I perceive to be collaborative, social networking websites. Instead I noticed large computer and telecomm corporations, and Disney.com. Since when is Disney collaborative?

What a joke. The best way to get into Web 2.0 is to use it on the web. The rest is just hype. Back in Lafayette stands a truly collaborative work, low tech, with heart and humanity… but at what a cost.

Lafayette Crosses memorial at 4039

Internet&Personal09 Apr 2008 08:29 am

Social Networking iconic version 4No sooner had I completed my LinkedIn profile, then I began receiving e-mail nudges from my Plaxo account. How socially, professionally networked must I be?

Through the serendipity of search engines, Mike Arrington of TechCrunch found my Social Networking image and posted it in a thought provoking article, I Saw The Future Of Social Networking The Other Day. Nice.

If you have not read TechCrunch before, you are missing the bouncy beat of new software announcements and Silicon Valley startups.

P.S. The image mentioned in this article apparently was removed from Arrington’s original article after AOL bought TechCrunch. Draw your own conclusions, I have mine. May 6, 2012.