February 2010

Internet20 Feb 2010 10:44 am

one-sanfrancisco-headerOne-sanfrancisco.com is now live and ready for business!  Educating and promoting the .TEL address, a mobile business card, is the website’s mission.  As Jake Widman, writer for Information Week puts it, “SMBs can use .tel address to put all their contact information in one accessible, mobile-friendly location and easily organize and update it.”

One-sanfrancisco is the sister site of one-vancouver.com , developed as a .TEL initiative for their local business community by webnames.ca.  Just like one-vancouver.com, we will highlight our own Bay Area .TEL community members with .TEL Of The Day postings.

Another exciting development by webnames.ca are their innovative .TEL Gift Cards.  We look forward to placing .TEL gift cards in local Bay Area businesses for point of sale transactions of individual .TEL addresses.

For only $19.99 you can own your .TEL listing for 1 year.  Get started here. What are you waiting for?  Want to learn more before you buy?  See our Discover .TEL FAQ section.

Art&Media&Personal19 Feb 2010 02:59 pm

x-ray of wrist with carpaltunnel syndromeI have over 300 computer-generated images in circulation through a stock photography agency, most of them are 3-D images modeled, textured and rendered using Autodesk’s Maya software.  I receive monthly statements and royalty checks for sales made, and at times they have been substantial.  It’s a very good business relationship. The trouble is, the agency never tells me who purchased the image or where it is being published.

Today I was thumbing through an investment magazine, SmartMoney, and I saw an image in an article about disability insurance and carpal tunnel syndrome.  The image looked familiar, so I checked my computer files, and sure enough, it’s mine.  The trouble is, my stock agency didn’t attach my name to the picture credits.  Not a deal-breaker, but it might help my sales if I had a credit next to my images.  Then clients who like my work could ask for more, and I’d know for sure if it was one of the many I’ve done.

x-ray of sore throat side view

Another similar image appeared in one of those catalogs full of gimmicky personal and household devices, and those images rarely get credits, and that’s OK with me.