, my very first website, has undergone very little change or update over the past 4 or 5 years.  It’s been online since 1996, and the home page has changed very little.  Media Spin Interactive, Inc. was dissolved in 2002, and since then the site became a kind of archive of various work in illustration, animation, photography, and blogging.  In order to build a new portfolio of my work, it was easier to create a clean, new website, and populate it with specific content on a limited number of pages, than to overhaul the site.

Design concepts have been sketched out, but nothing has stuck as worthy of the effort.  The idea of a Flash animation, randomly spinning content and media appeals to me, but it would be sad to not have it appear on non-Flash platforms.  I want to be original, so website templates seem to be too stylish, slick and overly commercial for my taste.  The plan is to preserve many of the current pages and URL addresses, because hundreds of links and citations have been made over the years, and would not want to break them.

A modified WordPress template or Squarespace might work as a pathway to a website update.  I have to research the impact of these a bit further, and most of all put in the sweat involved.