April 2013

Media30 Apr 2013 02:44 pm


The UI for my 1982 photos of U2 at Headliners in Madison, Wisconsin has needed an overhaul for awhile, so that’s been taken care of.  Also there were a number of reasonably decent looking shots that had not been published on Media Spin that seemed worthy of sharing at this point in time.

There are 3 pages of photos, starting here with U2-1.

There’s an excellent website, u2gigs.com, that documents the tour dates and even the playlist of U2.  Here’s this show’s details.


Art&Illustration&Media&Projects23 Apr 2013 07:44 pm

Here is a link to many of my illustrations represented by SuperStock.comhttps://superstock.com/stock-photography/1428R-

My collection has grown to over 400 images there, and quite a wide variety.  I try and strike a balance between scientific medical illustrations and imaginative human conditions that tell a story.

I use Autodesk Maya, SmithMicro Poser and Adobe Photoshop in my common illustration workflow.

SuperStock markets my images all over the world, for books, magazines, and other media.