Lafayette Iraq War Protest Memorial

Lafayette is a quiet enclave nestled in rolling hills east of Berkeley near Walnut Creek. It is relatively upscale with well educated residents with expensive homes and refined tastes.

About a month ago, my wife who uses the Lafayette BART station mentioned seeing many white crosses (over 400) and the death toll sign planted on a hillside across from the station. She veers from political discussions, and has had to brush off an upset commuter trying to share her displeasure with the memorial.

Next thing, a student in the Ohlone TV News class brought in a story about the controversy arising over the crosses and sign display, and mentioned it had been discussed on nationally syndicated conservative talk radio programs.

This morning I noticed a San Francisco Chronicle article about an upcoming City Council meeting where locals will express their feelings about this free speech issue.

So, I drove to Lafayette, about 5 miles from my home, and shot some video and photos of the hillside and around the train station. There was a local CBS radio reporter scouting for people to interview. Then a woman with a shovel came, climbed up the hill and began digging holes. The reporter told me that there would be more crosses arriving later in the day to go into the fresh holes. Some other people there confirmed that they had seen the story covered on CNN television news.

I’ll probably go there and shoot some more video, then edit it and upload them to a few of the online video web sites.

Wide shot of Lafayette hillside of crosses Iraq memorial

On my return trip in the afternoon, I met Bob Hanson, Co-chair of the Mount Diablo Peace Center of Walnut Creek. He explained their mission of peace and justice through this hillside installation, which is also described on their web site.

See the video.