Eyeballs Emerge from Laptop Screen

The Internet and its millions of searching eyeballs is full of surprises. Today I received an e-mail from a publisher requesting permission to use an image Social Networking developed for this blog in a previous article, Hobnobbery 3.0.

Social Networking version 3

My image will appear in their book, The Emergence of the Relationship Economy. The image (left) shows up on Google “social networking” image searches, and it’s an indicator of a visual theme enjoying some success. They also pitched the idea of using a still from one of my recent eyeball animations to illustrate the not so new concept of “owning eyeballs”, as in media marketing. Get their attention, grab their eyeballs, and then subject them to advertisements, be it television or computers.

The 3D World of the Five Senses

So, who knows? Many of my opportunities spring out of the Internet, whether it is responding to an ad on craigslist.org, posting a resume online, or someone finding me and my work on my web site. Last April I received an inquiry about my animation of the five senses of the human body. This led to a six month production of a new and improved set of narrated animated 3D sequences, “The 3D World of the Five Senses”, to be published by Roadkill Science, a division of Teachers Discovery. Depending upon the success of this first venture with Roadkill, there may be more titles to come.

Meanwhile, despite all the social networking via the Internet, there’s nothing better than real, live parties. This is the end of the year holiday party season, so get out there and meet people and make new friends eyeball to eyeball.

Holiday Party at Harlot

Holiday Party at Harlot with two blonde beauties