Three Generations of Clokeys

Good to see Art Clokey, the Gumby creator, today at the Lynn Gallery, in Antioch, CA. He was there with family and friends for a reception and retrospective movie show, Gumby and Friends 50 Great Years.

Had not seen Art since meeting for dinner at the Inn of Seventh Ray near his home in Topanga Canyon ten years ago while attending SIGGRAPH in L.A.

Art’s son Joseph is a great help in carrying on the Gumby animation tradition at Clokey Productions, and is working on new Gumby animated shorts and video games. Joe has a lot of energy and it appears that Gumby’s star is again on the rise. He mentioned that the clay Gumby characters will be animated in the traditional stop motion method and very likely some backgrounds, sets, props and effects would be added using digital computer animation in new episodes scheduled for production.

See the Official Gumby Web Site Premavision for lots more photos and fun.

The Elder Gumby
Here is a photo at the Lynn Gallery of Gumby, Art Clokey and Art’s father who’s hair style became Gumby’s head style.

Gumby Family of Characters
Gumby Family of Characters.

Gumby and me
Good times with Gumby.