Congratulations, Allen, upon your

Maha Samadhi!

You are now a disembodied poet!


I saw the best minds of my generation

illuminated by your presence.

City Lights Books Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Howl Free Speech Trials

Allen Ginsberg playing harmonium

Go in peace!

Allen Ginsberg made a number of poetry reading appearances in Madison, Wisconsin in the early 1980's. On one great occasion he appeared with William S. Burroughs and Gregory Corso. Leon Varjian (in beret and shades in photo above right) and I tracked down Ginsberg and Corso at a cafe around Capitol Square area. Ginsberg was drinking grapefruit juice. The vibe did not seem open for conversation, so we did not force ourselves upon the Ginsberg circle. Leon had arranged for Allen to appear on his Vern and Evelyn TV Show being taped at the CBS affiliate WISC, and the two photos above are from that meeting. Before the taping I asked Allen to sign a copy of a book, Visions of Cody, written by Jack Kerouac, which I've scanned and added below. In the near future I intend to digitize the video from the V & E TV show and put it on this web page. Ah.... - HG

Allen Ginsberg & Friends
Allen Ginsberg


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